Ivan LiuReal Estate Advisor


Ivan Liu is a full-time licensed real estate advisor at RE/MAX 2000 Realty. A seventeen-year resident of the Lower Mainland, Ivan’s indispensable knowledge of the area comes to life through the relationships forged with his clients. Driven, focused and personable, Ivan is dedicated to working for you—finding the dream house you have always wanted.


Born in Taiwan, arriving in Canada at the age of seven, Ivan remains deeply attached to his roots, as a fluent Mandarin speaker he’s able to greatly assist clients in a plethora of linguistic and cultural needs. Ivan’s always been known in his family for his sense of direction and awareness to his surroundings. Relying on him to go to places without a GPS or memorizing locations of schools, parks and other amenities, this invaluable ability to help his clients through negotiations really sets him apart.


Before Real Estate, Ivan worked at a local restaurant as a barista/chef for just over four years. Learning all the skills he needed from customer service to how to handle and nurture the food he is serving. Making sure customers are receiving top quality meals. Ivan believes not only is it important to satisfy the customers but also the process of cooking the food and the kind of energy you put towards his food. It’s not always about how fast or how much, but it’s about doing it with care and being modest. Even if you can’t tell, people will be able to tell what kind of energy you have put in whatever you are doing.


Ivan always believes in karma and the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It’s not all about the sale or the money but it’s about building a relationship and trust.


Let Ivan help you build your dream because it’s more than just Brick and Mortar.